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Dare To Be Different And Live Free.

On this very special Veterans lets look at Freedom for what is really is "Living a Full Life". "We are truly free when we know the truth about ourselves and the worl. This means throwing off the lies and deceptions to which we are so often captive." Dr. Art Lindsley

Freedom comes at a high cost. The cost to be different, but "the cost" to live differently, to think differently, and even to live from a full life perceptive.

You will loose friends when you begin to thrust for this kind of freedom however, I've been blessed not to loose any of my friends. Because, they're already their and they want to see me there as well.

Dare to Be Different and Live Free Watch your world view change and watch your friends celebrate with you. But, most of all people are watching you and your helping them to live FREE. Your Whole LIfe depends on this happening. Great change for a Greater LIfe.

Karyn Kennedy

Salads For LIfe

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