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About Salads For Life

Salads for Life, LLC was born from a love of healthy food and specific dietary needs that couldn’t be met by anything found on the market. We began with creating our three signature Collard Green Wraps and a vegan vinaigrette dressing with easy to read ingredients. 

After many requests for our entrees and salad dressing from friends, family and local companies, we quickly realized that this company wasn’t about us at all but creating healthy designer dishes for our clients with hectic lifestyles who don’t have time to meal prep on their own.

At Salads for Life, our main goal is providing a healthy future for every man, woman and child. We understand that fruit, vegetables and protein can change children’s thought processes and behavior. We want to assist families on how to cook and shop for produce.

We've been part of auction events, a six dish restaurant Pop-up in Detroit and a Pop-Up Pamper Day. We want to turn every major city experiencing a healthy option deficiency into a thriving community for families and their children.

From the Press


Pictured: Sweet and Spicy Stir Fry with added Shrimp


Reggie Williams, Comedian

"I'm trying to get serious about my health. This food gives you life with nutritional infused foods. Karyn is certified and is killing it.”


Frazier Davis, Satisfied Customer

“From the salads to the wraps... Everything is delicious and fresh!”


Alicia Lurry, Satisfied Customer
What can I say about Salads for Life by Karyn Kennedy? These dishes are phenomenal! My favorite is the collard green wraps. I struggle to eat healthy because often, I've had to give up good taste. This is not one of those times. Salads for Life is that wonderful rare combination of healthy food that tastes great! My husband loves the food. My children, who run from most healthy food, LOVE the wraps. This is a God send!
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